Un-Festival 2021 FAQs

Is this same as the yearly Bear Creek Folk Festival?

No. Though it is presented by the Festival, the Un-Festival is a stand-alone, one-time event. It will be presented with the same family-friendly community spirit you are used to seeing at our yearly festival, but will be at a different location with a different presentation format and ticketing.

Where is the Un-Festival happening?

The Un-Festival will take place in Muskoseepi Park, but not on our usual site. For this year only we are moving across the creek to the amphitheatre. Seating will be on the grassy area with assigned spots.

How does the format differ?

We will run one main stage, which will play a series of concerts across an Afternoon Concert Series, and an Evening Concert Series on both days (Saturday and Sunday). There are approximately 3-4 concerts per Series. While we will have a family-friendly community for the entire event, the Afternoon Concerts are designed with families in mind and will feature a kids performer as the first artist on both days. The Beer Gardens will be open only during the Evening Concerts on both days.

You will need a separate ticket for each set of concerts you want to attend (so if you want to attend a full day, you’ll need two tickets), and are allowed to stay on site only during the series for which you have a ticket. This is in order to keep our audience size within guidelines. Once a set of concerts is done for the day, there will be a period where we switch to the next one. If you have a ticket for both Concert Series on one day, you do not need to vacate the site.

How does ticketing work this year?

We are offering tickets for tarp spaces for each set of concerts, and you’ll need one ticket per group of up to 6 people, including kids. Your group will be required to arrive together and sit together in your assigned space. To keep health and safety protocols in place — and for contact tracing — it is important that all people sit within their assigned spaces and avoid tarp-hopping.

Tarp spaces? What does that mean and are tarps provided?

We are allocating 6’ x 8’ areas for people to sit with their group. We are not providing tarps, just the space. We encourage people to bring an appropriately sized tarp if they so desire. There will be 6’ of distancing between all tarp spaces.

Tarp spaces will be numbered, much like getting a seat at a theatre.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are by donation this year. It is important to us that the event is accessible to all members of our community, including those who have been adversely impacted financially by the pandemic. For those with the means to afford it, we are asking for a minimum donation of $150 – $200 per 6’ x 8’ tarp space, for the Evening Concerts and $100 per space for the Family [Afternoon] Concerts. With space per tarp of up to 6 people, this represents $25-$33 per person in the evenings and $16 per person in the afternoons.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets are available at the GPLT Box Office in person and over the phone at 780-538-1616. 

We are not able to offer tickets online.

Can I buy a weekend pass?

There are no weekend passes for this event. This time the event is broken into four Concert Series over two days. To attend the full event, you would need to purchase a separate ticket for each of the four sets of concerts. If you have a ticket for both the afternoon and evening, you are not required to vacate during the audience changeover.

Please get a ticket for only those concert sets you will attend. An empty tarp space means someone else didn’t get to see the show.

How many tickets are available?

We currently have approximately 80 socially distanced (six feet apart) 6’X8’ tarp spaces. Each tarp can fit up to six people. If the COVID situation allows, closer to the event, we hope to reduce this spacing to 3 feet, and release an additional 50 tarp spaces.

What if I just want a ticket for myself?

You are permitted to attend on your own and purchase a tarp just for yourself, if you desire to do so. However, due to the very limited seating available, we encourage people to safely share tarps with other close contacts (friends and family) to maximize the number of people able to enjoy the event.

I still have tickets from the postponed 2020 Bear Creek Folk Festival, are they valid?

2020 Bear Creek Folk Fest tickets will be automatically valid for our 2022 festival, but are not valid for a tarp space at the 2021 Un-Festival.

What sort of COVID protocols will be in effect?

We will be requiring masking during entry and exit of the site, as well as while accessing services and moving throughout the site. These are much the same guidelines as ascribed to restaurants during restrictions. Masks are not required while sitting on your tarp enjoying the music/eating/drinking..

Other COVID protocols include sanitization and site-wide social distancing while in lineups and between seating spaces.

The health and safety of our attendees, volunteers, and artists remains our highest priority. We will be working hard to maintain a high safety standard while doing our best to also make the event fun and welcoming.

The province lifted restrictions and many are vaccinated, why are you still requiring protocols?

It is vital that we present this event in a way that is as safe as possible to all people in attendance, from you, our attendees, to our artists and volunteers. We also must meet the health requirements as mandated by AHS.

What if I’ve been vaccinated, do I still need a mask?

We are requiring all attendees to abide by our masking protocols. And we are encouraging all people to help the public by getting vaccinated!

When do I arrive? Can I come and go?

We ask attendees to arrive only for their allotted concert set. Afternoon attendees can begin arriving at noon (12:00 pm) and will be asked to vacate by 4:30pm. Evening attendees can begin arriving at 4:45pm. If you have a ticket to both sets on the same day, you do not need to leave the venue.

You are permitted to leave and re-enter the event site during your allotted concert series. Distancing requirements will still be in effect, and you may need to wait in a line to re-enter.

Where do I park?

The Pavilion’s parking will be closed to the general public during the Un-Festival, with only Accessibility Parking available in that area. General parking will be available in the same locations traditionally used during Canada Day celebrations.

Will there be accessibility parking?

Accessibility parking will be located at the bottom of the hill near the Muskoseepi Pavilion. Please have your parking placard on display.

Is this event appropriate for kids and will there be a kids’ area?

As with our annual festival, this entire event is very family friendly. The 1pm-4pm Concert Series are specifically designated as “Family Programming”. Due to COVID, we will unfortunately not be able to run our Kids Zone with crafts and face painting, as we normally do. However, we will have roving kids performers throughout the Family Programming, and will feature a kids performer as the first performer of each day.

Will there be a Beer Garden?

We will have alcoholic beverage service starting at 5pm each day. To avoid beer garden crowding, we will be licencing the entire site and allowing attendees to enjoy their beverage from the comfort of their tarp. Similar to a licensed restaurant, children are permitted on site during liquor service, but are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol.

Will there be a Beer Garden?

We will have alcoholic beverage service starting at 5pm each day. To avoid beer garden crowding, we will be licencing the entire site and allowing attendees to enjoy their beverage from the comfort of their tarp. Similar to a licensed restaurant, children are permitted on site during liquor service, but are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol.

Note: Outside liquor is not permitted on site.

What amenities will there be on site?

Amenities will include:

  • Food Vendors
  • Liquor Service (from 5pm on)
  • First Aid tent
  • Merch tent featuring Artist and Fest Merch
  • Potable Water
  • Porta potties

What should I bring?

  • Casual clothing. We recommend bringing additional layers or water-protective clothing, just in case.
  • Sunscreen, bug spray, and any other supplies you need
  • Something to sit on—tarp, blanket, or low-backed, low legged chair (8 inch legs maximum; the back should be no more than 26 inches off the ground).

What should I not bring?

  • High-backed, or regular-legged lawn chairs: Max height for chairs: a back no higher than 26 in. off the ground; legs/seat no higher than 8 inches off the ground.
  • Pets
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Glass containers (exception baby food and bottles)
  • Video or audio recording equipment. Obviously cell phones are allowed, but we ask no recording of performances.

Rules on chairs?

Festival chairs should be a max height of 26 inches off the ground with legs/seats no higher than 8 inches off the ground. The height restriction is there to allow for unobstructed views of the stages for all patrons in the main seating areas. Volunteers may be checking heights and will require patrons to either put away chairs that exceed that height or relocate to an appropriate area.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes, you can bring in your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. There will also be many tasty options at our varied concession vendors that should satisfy many tastes and dietary needs.

Note: Bag check in effect: checking for alcohol, drugs, or glass (baby food & bottles permitted)

Can I Volunteer?

If you would like to participate as a volunteer, please fill out our volunteer for at https://forms.gle/AiZjrHZj1HebCMF99

Can I get tickets at the gate?

Due to the very limited number of available tickets, we can not guarantee that there will be any available at the gate.


Rules, Safety, and Etiquette – Good Neighbour Guidelines

In order to ensure the best possible experience for everyone involved, please be aware of our good neighbour policies. This is meant to be a very friendly Festival where strangers respect each other’s needs during the un-festival weekend. Most of those Good Neighbour Guidelines boil down to common sense and courtesy—Please be considerate to everyone on the hill.

  • Tarps may be no bigger than 6 X 8 ft. Locations of tarps are pre-assigned.
  • Don’t Block the View. We have chair height limits so all have a better chance to watch the music. Please be aware of our chair height limits: 26” ground to top of back; 8” legs/seat. These WILL be enforced—so please ensure that your chair is not too tall.
  • Consider your neighbour’s listening experience: Turn off your cell phone and don’t talk during performances. Most people want to hear the music, not their neighbouring tarp’s latest news. If you absolutely need to talk- including on your cell phone- please keep it quiet so others can enjoy the tunes, or better yet, move to the non-listening areas.
  • No Smoking areas: Smoking is not permitted in any seated area. It is also not permitted in any line-up per City bylaw. Please consider the needs of those around you.
  • Smoking is permitted on the east side of the grounds
  • Pitch in! Put your recyclables and garbage in appropriate bins provided. Pinch and pocket cigarette butts. Help us keep the park clean!
  • Be Safe: Please leave all sharp items as well as glass containers at home, as these are not allowed on site.
  • Know Where Your Kids Are: Do not leave children unattended; keep your kids with you after sundown; direct lost kids to the Main Gate