Bear Creek

2021 Festival Postponed and Another Event planned

Although many things are looking positive, there’s still too much uncertainty and risk for us to plan our full event; therefore we cannot, with full certitude of public safety and financial viability, run the 5th Annual Bear Creek Folk Festival this summer. This was a painful decision to make, especially in light of all of the positive steps we’re hearing in the battle against the COVID pandemic. However, as a large-scale international event that brings together thousands of people from so far and wide, there are simply too many risk factors for us to have certitude of it being fully safe. This was a much harder decision to make than when we postponed our 2020 event, and we know many will be disappointed. Since our event takes nearly a full year to plan and organize, we cannot risk the long-term viability of the full fest with the potential of a last-minute cancellation, and we don’t want to possibly create a worsened health situation by packing in an audience.


Although we will not be able to present our full festival this summer, we also know the importance of community, mental health, and celebrating getting back to normal after a very trying year. Therefore, we are actively planning a scalable event to still bring something special to Grande Prairie — with a focus on highlighting the wonderful talent we have here in our area. It will also allow the possibility of a live audience that can more easily adapt to the changing health regulations. So save the date! Aug 14/15. More details will be released as public health guidelines become more clear.


To all of those amazing supporters who purchased tickets for our 2020 festival and hung onto them through our first COVID postponement, we are so grateful for your support and humbly ask for your continued patience. All existing festival tickets will now be redeemable for our 2022 festival, or a future festival year of your choice.


Thank you to everyone for all of the kindness and support. We greatly look forward to seeing you all soon.

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