Photo by Ard Jongsma



Two of Denmark’s finest artists have come together to perform traditional and contemporary Danish music with great passion and virtuosity. Beautiful old Danish ballades are gently blended with flashy, impossibly pretty fiddle tunes and it’s all brought out to the audience with great passion and presence.

Harald Haugaard

Harald Haugaard has since the mid-90s, established himself as one of Denmark’s finest musicians. In his virtuoso fiddle playing, he combines the playful ease with a characteristic deep and melancholy sound. His compositions are present and original, and in his overall artistic work he draws on the deep roots in the rich Danish musical tradition, which he treats in an innovative, contemporary and extremely present way like no other. Haugaard has toured intensively worldwide with different contemporary and traditional bands such as the duo Haugaard & Høirup (who performed at Nisswa in 2007) but in April 2009 he released his first album in his own name ”Burning Field” for which he received great reviews from the Danish and international press.

Helene Blum

Helene Blum has thrilled audiences throughout Europe, and from Canada to Japan, with her intensely expressive, crystal clear voice. Her artistic focus embraces both traditional roots and innovation. Using ancient songs and ballads as a base, she reinvents them with contemporary expressions and mixes them elegantly with newly written songs, including her own. She is deeply rooted in Danish music traditions, but at the same time not afraid to challenge them. With her versatility and the many facets of her talent and voice, she is a unique singer with a strongly personal expression – at times understated and whimsical, at times radiant, and at times intense and commanding. She is an outstanding communicator with the rare ability to unite sensitivity with power.