Photo by Mark Maryanovich



With flair, fancy footwork and a blatant disregard for predictable stage presence, Prince Edward Island’s Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys deliver high-energy and electrifying entertainment. Gordie launches into a song, his famous crazy legs shaking and twisting, to the cut of his fiddle, while The Rhythm Boys deliver surefooted roots instrumentation to accompany the spectacle.

Stepping out in style following their new album, Laugh, Dance & Sing, the quartet features original songs and traditional tunes that excel in demonstrating infectious energy, crisp musicianship and rollicking rhythm and roots sound. Their signature style fuses their love of traditional bluegrass with old-time roots music, delivering an eclectic wardrobe of tunes as unique and entertaining as the musicians themselves.

Gordie MacKeeman (fiddle, cello, acoustic guitar, feet percussion, vocals), Peter Cann (guitars, banjo, vocals), Thomas Webb (guitars, bass, banjo, steel guitar, vocals) and Mark Geddes (bass, percussion, mandolin, piano) weave together a refreshing mix of invigorating songs, traditional-leaning ideas, and modern influences infused with solid instrumentation, rockabilly-inspired numbers, and toe tapping reels – all polished by MacKeeman’s stunning fiddle work. The crowd’s own enjoyment is most often just as unpredictably energetic as the fiddler’s, with nary a spectator left seated throughout the fun-filled show.