Colleen spent much of her childhood in Lloydminster, Alberta. Upon moving to Edmonton, she studied music at Grant MacEwan College in the Vocal Performance Program. Since graduating she sang and danced at the now defunct Kit Kat Club, and has played bass and sung in the all-female rock band The Secretaries.

In 2004, she released her first full-length album A Peculiar Thing. The album was funded by Colleen and contained all new music.

Her second album Foot In Heart was released in 2008. It became the number 2 Folk/Roots/Blues album in Canada!

As well as a skilled pianist, Colleen has branched out to embrace other instruments in her performances, notably the upright bass. She credits this and working with her backing band as helping her to develop and refine her songwriting abilities.

Colleen Brown has spent the past two years rediscovering her passion for music, fueling a stunning collection of songs focused on themes of love, fate and psychic retooling. Co-produced by Joel Plaskett, Raymond Richards and Brown, the small-town prairie-raised singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist released ‘Direction’ in early 2015.

These recordings are the farthest Brown has seen her talents stretch as a musician- immersed in many of the bass, guitar, and keyboard parts, and guided by her striking vocal performances. This effort broadcasts a new trajectory for Colleen, and indeed a clear and joyful musical Direction.